Security Measures that celebrity couples use for their homes

With the glamour and riches that surround popular celebrities, burglars are often attracted to their homes in the hopes of stealing expensive items. Indeed, the risk of celebrities being targeted by burglars is real. You only need to read about Kim Kardashian being gagged and robbed in Paris and a recent robbing spree that took place in the posh neighbourhoods of Los Angeles just a couple of months ago (September 2018).

In response to these risks, celebrity couples are taking measures to protect their homes against theft. Most of these measures include security steps that make it harder for unwanted guests to access their homes.

Here are some measures popular celebrities take to protect themselves and their families.

1. A panic room with an advanced locking system

Many celebrities are designing panic rooms in their homes. A panic room acts as a safely fortified space where burglars can't easily gain access. The key features that define a panic room are a heavily fortified and secured door, fortified windows and walls, and a secret location in the home where burglars can't easily find the room.

Most panic rooms are able to withstand fire, earthquakes, and other common risks. The locking system to panic rooms is also more advanced than a simple traditional lock. This allows celebrities to control who has access to the room.

2. Smart locks that can be controlled from a mobile location

Most celebrity homes are now fitted with smart locks. These locking systems use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or radiofrequency signals to transmit data between the locks and mobile controls on smart phones. With the push of a button, celebrity couples can arm the door locks when at home or from a remote location.

This feature comes in handy for celebrities who are constantly on the go. For example, professional athletes can monitor access to their homes even right before they take the field.

3. Contacts to an emergency locksmith 

Many celebrities understand the important role that locksmiths play in securing their homes. You will find that celebrities have specially dedicated locksmiths who they trust to install and maintain their home security systems.

4. A lockable safe for jewellery and other precious items

Celebrities tend to have very precious items in their homes. From jewellery that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to priceless paintings and ornaments, these items are a common target for burglars.

Most celebrities keep a secure safe in their homes for such precious items. The safe is often opened via a combination or biometric system for added security of their personal belongings.

You don't have to be a celebrity to take advantage of these security measures. Contact a local locksmith to learn more about securing your home and belongings. 

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