Should You Use Dogging Panic Bars on Your Store's Door?

Panic bars aren't just used on fire exit doors. If you own a busy store, you may be thinking about using them on your main entrance/exit door. Panic bars allow customers to get out of your store quickly in an emergency. A push of the bar opens the door easily even in a crush.

These bars are also easy to use when people are generally leaving your store. They can double-up for a regular handle. When you've discussed options with your locksmith, they've talked to you about using a bar that has built-in dogging.

How does a dogging panic bar work and is it a good idea for your store?

What Is a Dogging Panic Bar?

Some panic bars only open a door when the bar is pushed down. The door stays shut and locked unless the bar is depressed.

Bars with dogging allow a door to be opened without using the panic bar. You can unlock the bar so that people who want to leave your store simply push the door itself to get out.

To operate a mechanical dogging mechanism, you use a key to put the bar in the dogging position so that it opens without the bar.  You then lock it at the end of the day to put the bar back into normal push-to-open operating mode.

If you have an automated security system, you may be able to set your panic bar to turn dogging on and off at certain times. 

Why Add Dogging to Your Bars?

Making it easy for your customers to exit your store is a small thing, but it makes a difference in their shopping experience. While some people use a panic bar to open the door because they notice it, some will simply push the door anyway.

If your bar is dogged, the door will open for them easily. If not, they have to stop and work out how to open the door.

Regular panic bars on fire exit doors aren't always used a lot — they only tend to come into play when there is an emergency. If you have a high volume of customers, then a regular panic bar will be used a lot every day. This increases wear on the bar and the chances of damage. Dogging takes this pressure off the bar in everyday use. 

If you're interested in installing a panic bar with dogging, ask your locksmith about how these bars lock and unlock. Bars have different opening mechanisms; your commercial locksmith can help you choose the right one for your store. 

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