Follow These Tips to Open a Car Door Without a Key

The door locking mechanisms of the different car models vary greatly. Most of the new car models have power locks and need remote controls to unlock them. On the other hand, older cars have the traditional key and are easy to open manually. The crucial feature that you need to know about your car door is whether the locking mechanism is on both the inside and the outside of the vehicle as this will determine the methods that you can successfully use to unlock your car door. 

Using a shoestring

Most of the time, getting locked out of the car also means that you have no access to your boot where the toolbox is located, and for ladies, a purse where you could find some tools to customise as door openers. However, if your car's door lock mechanism opens by pulling it up, you can easily open the door using a shoestring. Just tie a small loop in the middle of the shoelace and pry the string into the interior of the car. Hook the loop on the lock and slowly tighten the loop. When the loop is firm enough, pull the string upwards. It may take a few tries, but the door will eventually unlock.

Using a coat hanger

This is a method which will only be useful if the car keys got lost in the home. You start by untwisting the hanger and creating a hook on one of the ends. Allow the end to go inside the weather stripping on the driver's door of the car. Jiggle the wire around until it gets into contact with the vehicle's locking mechanism. When the contact has been made, jiggle it around till it unlocks. This method is most effective when you are dealing with horizontal locks.

The rod and screwdriver method 

If you can lay your hands on tools like a screwdriver and a rod, opening a locked car door could be very simple. Just use the screwdriver to pry the door open slightly. After you have created a gap, stick the rod inside and manipulate the lock till it opens.

These are simple DIY methods that you can try to regain access to your car after losing the keys. Note that if these methods do not work, it is always advisable to call in a competent car locksmith. The locksmith understands different locks and locking mechanism and will be the best person to handle your door locks without ruining the door.

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