Locking Systems You Can Consider For Your Business's Safes

As long as you have valuables on-site at your business's premises, from sensitive documents to cash, then it is likely that you have a safe. The most common locking system that is installed on traditional safes is the rotary combination lock. While this locking system, also known as a dial lock, is convenient in that you only need to turn the dial to the corresponding passcode numbers, it is not the best way to secure your belongings. It would be prudent to seek the services of a commercial locksmith who can replace these dial locks with alternatives that are more secure. If you have never thought about changing the locks of your safes, here are some locking systems from your commercial locksmith that you can consider.

Biometric locking systems

If you are in the market for state-of-the-art technology that will ensure that not only your valuables are safe from intruders but your employees too, then you should consider biometric locking systems for your safes. This keyless technology makes use of your biological data to grant access into the safe. You have different alternatives to choose from including fingerprint sensors, iris recognition or even facial recognition. For additional security, you could opt to have your biometric locking system work in tandem with a passcode for a two-step verification system.

Digital locking systems

Another keyless alternative that you can consider for your safes is digital locking systems. One of the major benefits of digital locking systems is that they are much more affordable then their biometric alternatives are. During installation, you will come up with a digital passcode that your commercial locksmith will program into the system. If you have a business partner or perhaps an employee that needs access to the safe, you can furnish them with the digital passcode. However, in the event you want exclusive authorisation to the contents in the safe, you could choose to change your user codes at whim and block access to any other unauthorised person that you may have shared your passcode with.

Electric locking systems

This type of keyless locking system grants access via a keypad. As the owner of the business, you will have the flexibility to add, remove or change the passcodes as you see fit. You can then provide the passcodes to employees that need to access the safe on a regular basis. The main thing to note about keypad access is that the locking system will need to be maintained occasionally by a commercial locksmith so that the hardware does not malfunction and lock you out of your safe. 

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