4 Potential Risks of Smart Vehicle Locks and How to Prevent Them

Smart locks and integrated systems in vehicles are the new hot commodity. Every vehicle manufacturer is racing to incorporate smart locks that communicate with your infotainment system so as to provide a seamless experience. For example, most new models of vehicles allow you to open your doors by touching the touchscreen of your vehicle's entertainment system. Others also allow keyless entry by pressing a button on the key fob or producing audible signals.

As beneficial and innovative as smart vehicle locks are, they also come with potential risks. You've probably heard of hackers gaining access to smart vehicles remotely and controlling the radio, brakes, and locks without the consent of the vehicle owner.

So what should you know about the potential risks of smart vehicle locks, and how can you prevent such risks?

1. Hacking from remote locations

Vehicle cybersecurity has become a growing risk in recent times. There are cases where hackers can access your vehicle's security features (such as your door and window locks) from a remote location. This means that they may gain access to your vehicle and even possibly start your engine without needing the actual key.

To protect your vehicle against such hacking and possible theft, make sure you have the latest vehicle software installed. Car manufacturers are consistently working with cybersecurity professionals to reduce the vulnerability of vehicles to remote hacking. As long as you have the latest software installed, the chances of being hacked are minimal.

2. Access from multiple entry points

Vehicle smart locks and connectivity features are vulnerable along many different points. The vehicle can be compromised through actual physical devices connected (such as the physical locks) or through the systems used to transmit those connections (such as the Bluetooth signal being used).

Therefore, it's important to have a locksmith examine your car's locking mechanism and how it interacts with other aspects of your vehicle. An auto locksmith can help you identify any weak points and how you can secure the connection for additional vehicle security.

It's not uncommon for locksmiths to incorporate after-market modifications that make your vehicle much safer from theft.

3. Failure to closely monitor your vehicle locks

A common mistake most drivers make is poorly managing their smart locks. They may ignore programming issues, share their keys with untrustworthy people, or fail to report lost or stolen keys.

Remember that you have an important role to play in ensuring your vehicle is safe. Be careful with your keys and report any lost or damaged keys to your auto locksmith or vehicle manufacturer.

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