Snap, Hack or Pick – Is Your Home Really Secure?

If you want to make sure that your home truly is your castle, then you need to make sure that it is as difficult as possible for the "bad guy" to access. If you're taking a look at your home security at the moment, then you may be wondering whether you have the right approach or should try to fit different locks instead. To make the correct choice, you need to consider the merits of each lock and especially if you want to take advantage of the latest technology.

Full Security

The truth is that no lock is absolutely secure if the individual in question is fully intent on gaining access. Certainly, it may take them some time to do so and this, in reality, is your best level of protection. After all, the vast majority of perpetrators are involved in a crime of opportunity, and very few will go to the trouble of preplanning an assault, especially when it comes to the latest type of electronic lock.

Electronic or Traditional

However, these electronic locks are nevertheless susceptible to hacking, and individuals can sometimes break into a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network to leave a home that is configured in such a way quite vulnerable.

Traditional locks cannot be hacked of course, but they can be snapped or picked. This type of crime will still require some dedication on the part of the infiltrator, however, and a reasonable knowledge of their trade in order to succeed.

Needed Flexibility

Many people consider buying an electronic lock due to its potential flexibility. After all, they can programme the lock so that a third party can legally access the property if they are not there. In this way, a cleaner can be allowed to enter for their specific purpose, and it's very hard to beat this type of convenience.

Highest Security

Yet if electronic accessibility is more of a luxury to you than anything else, perhaps you should think about fitting high-security Mortice or Euro-based locks that are configured to be "anti-snap" and "anti-pick." These will certainly be more expensive than the traditional alternative, but they may present you with the best solution when everything is taken into account.

Have a word with your locksmith to see what models they recommend for your needs. They will be able to help you install a new set of locks and provide you with additional peace of mind.

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