How Can a Consultancy From a Locksmith Benefit Shop Owners?

Although many shop owners and retail store managers will only call upon the services of a locksmith in an emergency situation, there are many services that you can obtain from these professionals outside of emergencies. In fact, a lock expert can provide you with a high level of service if you need a consultant to help you make your shop more secure overall. Given that lots of crime occurs in the retail sector in Australia, it is important to always try and stay one step ahead of the game. In many cases, of course, this means updating and augmenting your shop's security measures — something a locksmith can really help with. What are the main points worth discussing with yours? 

Upgrading Your Locks

Although pilfering may go on during normal trading hours, shops are most susceptible to wholesale crime when they are supposedly locked up at night. As such, you should consult your locksmith about the best ways of truly securing your retail space when no one is around. This may mean that he or she recommends upgrading your locks or even replacing them with a smart system, such as a swipe card entry console. All too often, professional criminals will target a shop at night which has inadequate locks that are easy to get past, so investing in multi-point locking mechanisms may be worth discussing, as well.

Stockroom Access Systems

Another key aspect of security for many shopowners is access to their stockroom. Although shoplifting will almost inevitably always occur in retail spaces, it is quite a different matter if people are able to sneak into your stockroom and help themselves to the most expensive items. This may include, of course, junior members of staff as well as supposed customers. Your locksmith may be able to recommend access control technologies which restrict access to your storage spaces, such as a punch code entry mechanism.

Remote Monitoring Systems

A good number of the locksmiths in Australia don't just concern themselves with locks and keys — you can also get advice on other security measures, such as web cameras that can relay any activity they spot in your shop to you at night via an internet connection and a smartphone. It is also likely that they'll be able to educate you on the best sort of burglar alarms that might suit your particular requirements, such as a remote monitoring system which can notify the police or private security firms if there is a problem.

To improve security and safety in your shop, consider speaking with a locksmith for a consultation today. 

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