The 4 Phone Calls You Have to Make After a Burglary

Coming home to discover that you've been burgled can be a shocking experience. In fact, it can be so shocking that it's difficult to know what to do first. The answer can be found in your pocket or in your bag. The first thing you need to do is take out your phone and make a few crucial calls.

1. The Police

The first phone call you make needs to be to the police, and this needs to happen the instant that you discover the burglary. Only make this call from within your home when you're absolutely sure that the burglars are no longer there. If there's any doubt, retreat to a safe distance and make the call. This can be from on the street directly outside your home, but if you're in the slightest bit concerned about your personal safety, then you can take the necessary precautions. You could lock yourself in your car to make the call, or go to a neighbour's house.

2. A Locksmith

Call a locksmith and opt for an emergency service when it's outside of regular business hours. It might be immediately obvious how the burglars gained entry, and the lock they used will need to be replaced then and there. You can also ask the locksmith to inspect the other points of entry to your home to check for signs of attempted forced entry. They might have entered via a side door, but this doesn't mean that they didn't try another door first, potentially damaging that door's lock in the process. Be sure to keep the receipt from the locksmith, as you might be able to claim this cost back from your insurance provider.

3. Your Insurance Company

You're going to need to call your insurance provider rather promptly. Just how promptly you need to do it depends on your policy, but it might be that you need to notify your insurer within 24 hours of the incident in order to make a claim. You will also need to create a list of all the items that were stolen and/or damaged.

4. Your Bank

While your credit and debit cards are likely to be carried with you whenever you leave your home, did there happen to be either of these at home where a thief might have taken them? Contact your bank to cancel the cards if there is any doubt. The same goes for any password protected services, such as your internet banking services. If any passwords were written down and placed in an obvious location, they should be changed immediately to prevent unauthorised access.

While cleaning up after a burglary and feeling comfortable in your home again can take a little time, making the necessary phone calls for assistance is the crucial first step of the process.

For more information on restoring your home's safety after a burglary, consult a locksmith in your area.

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